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music & Sound design for     your nightmares.

   Music to die for...
Killer music & sound design for motion picture, TV and game advertising.


50+ varieties of trailer ping sfx including pianos, synths, string plucks, bells, vocals, glass, flutes, whooshes, sub hits and brutal slams.


Each category contains pings in all keys plus a curated selection of distinctly sinister sounding discords. Just the job for punctuating mysterious openings, second act stopdowns and jaw dropping finales.

String fx

Fresh from our cutting block to yours we bring you String FX. A vast collection of live horror string sounds dripping with evil. Orchestral and ethnic stringed instruments were bowed & brutalised to create horrific hits, razor sharp rises, deathly swipes and strange creeping pluck sounds.

10 horror cues for killing it. Packed to the rafters with menacing intros, monstrous rhythms, saturated signature sounds and distorted synths; Nightmare Machine delivers a beastly collection of tracks with huge cinematic width, aggressive analog textures and intense, unrelenting power.

Nightmare Machine

"Vocal FX" a mammoth collection of nightmare inducing vocal sound design elements. Bloodcurdling screams, heart stopping shocks, swipes and all manner of spine-chilling breaths, gasps and signature vocal sounds recorded and mangled by The Horror Vault.

vocal fx


blood-soaked, fear-drenched cues. Strange and visceral textures. Fierce and frenzied rhythms. Shocking and powerful hits. Atmospheric intros build to raw intensity and aggressive finales. Featuring live scratchy strings, odd organic textures and peculiar rhythms. Haxan couples these  with dark aggressive hits and strange synth signature sounds, to bring together an edit friendly collection of cursed cues for your next Horror, Thriller or Sci-Fi project.

Huge steel sculptures, samurai swords, cast iron plates, knives, sheet metal and industrial tension springs were hammered, bowed, bent and scraped to create these unique and varied metallic sound design tools. Every cue in our "Metal FX" has been expertly crafted to underpin the atmosphere, punctuate and cut through your mix.

metal fx

Freakish Braams

Freakish Braams is petrifying, uncomfortable and nightmarish. A mix of strange, intimate and organic sounds combined with heavily distorted and saturated synths.

Piano fx

The "Piano FX" collection is full of arresting signature sounds, thunderous jump scares and fear inducing sonic devices captured from our century old "John Broadwood & Sons" piano. With this release we want to help you land those malevolent moments and truly hook in the viewer.

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